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730PM: Sanders Theatre, Cambridge

Featuring Handel's largest orchestra and his most dramatic oration, Saul tells the famous Biblical story of David's rise, his deep friendship with Jonathan, and Saul's tragic undoing. This is Handel in transition from opera to oratorio, and Saul has the best of everything!

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Connecting Music to Mission

We are proud to announce the launch of BRIDGES, a program dedicated to bringing the uplifting power of music to those who are unable to attend live musical performances because of illness, disability or institutional isolation.

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Saul: Pre-Concert Dinner Partners
We've partnered with three of Harvard Square's best restaurants for dinner before the May 10 Saul concert,ranging from special prix-fixe menus to substantial discounts on their regular menus. Make your Saturday experience complete - a wonderful meal followed by inspiring and uplifting music.
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The BBC graciously acknowledges that its co-commission of Mohammed Fairouz' Anything Can Happen during 2013 was made possible in part by an Alfred Nash Patterson Grant from Choral Arts New England.
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