Music of the Spirit(s)


Sunday October 30 2016

3pm | Sanders Theatre, Cambridge
Free Concert Parking – Directions Here

Brahms: Nänie, Op 82
Beethoven: Mass in C, Op 86
Mendelssohn:  Die erste Walpurgisnacht, Op 60


About the Concert

The Back Bay Chorale opens the 16/17 season with three remarkable, if lesser known, masterworks. Brahms’s delicate setting of the Schiller elegy Nänie depicts the beauty and elegance of the Stygian spirit-world and the inevitability of life’s passing. With characteristic punch and bravado, Beethoven’s C major mass heralds the voice of the romantic spirit in the trappings of a Viennese mass. Combine Mendelssohn’s colorful, fantasy-filled depiction of Goethe’s account of pious Druids dressed as ghosts and goblins, and you’ve got the perfect afternoon at Sander’s Theatre.